Life's Choices...
Relationship, Pregnancy, and Parenting Support

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Our Services

*  Free pregnancy tests including information on the options of parenting, adoption and abortion for those with 
    a positive test**

*  Pregnancy Support, Preparation for Parenting, and Childbirth Instruction

*  Community Referrals (medical, shelters, etc)

*  Healthy Relationship Mentoring

*  Life Skills

*  Sexual Health Information

*  Sexual Integrity Information

*  Post Abortion Support, Post Adoption Support and Miscarriage Support

*  Emergency Material Assistance
*  Free STI Testing and Treatment (Kutztown location: Mon-Thurs 11am-5pm, Hamburg location: Third Friday of every month 2pm-5pm)

** Life's Choices does not refer for nor perform abortions. We are here to give you information on your three options in order that you can make an educated decision. We realize that the decision is yours to make.   
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