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Life's Choices...
Support for
Women, Men and Families

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                                                   REAL LIFE, REAL CHOICES, WE'RE HERE TO HELP
We understand that life can be unpredictable. Whether you are facing relationship challenges, a potential pregnancy or have sexual health concerns our trained staff is here to provide you with information and resources applicable to your particular situation. We provide a comfortable, confidential, non-judgmental atmosphere where you can process your thoughts and information as you proceed on making your Life's Choices...

Should my relationship hurt so much?

He/she says they love me but am I ready for sex?

Is he/she the "one"?


          Sexual Health

Should I be tested for STD's?

I don't have any symptons, could I still have a STD?

My significant other has a STD. What do I do?



I missed my period, am I pregnant?

What will others think if I'm pregnant?

I am not ready to be a parent right now.

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